Shining is our business

Are you looking for shoe shiners on your reception, company party, exhibition, or other events? No problem! Our professional shoe shiners will give your event that extra shine!
Their shoe shine skills and knowledge about leather and care products make them a real addition and eye catcher at your event. Our authentic shoe shine stand is a place for your guests to relax for a short time or have a nice chat with the person next to them, sitting in comfortable chairs while their shoes are professionally cared for.

Are you looking for sneaker care? Of course we also do that! Our shoe shiners have all the skills and products to have a pair of sneakers shining in no time. This service is a great addition during your shop opening, product launch or events with a slightly younger audience.

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Unique service and craftsmanship

Our shoe shiners are craftsmen with whom we offer a unique service.

Premium shoe care products

Only the best for the shoes of your guests or clients! To achieve the best result we only use shoe care products of the best quality. Did you know a good shoe cream is based on beeswax to ensure optimal nourishment of the leather? We do…

Promotional tool

Our shoe shine service is often used for promotional purposes, given it a commercial value. Someone sitting down in our chair and getting a ‘free’ shoe shine is much more likely to be open for a conversation. The 5 to 10 minutes in which their shoes are getting attention is the ideal moment to have talk with the one sitting in the chair.

Our shoe shiners

Onze shoe shiners are experienced shoe care specialist, with knowledge of leather and shoe care products. With our base in the Amsterdam World Trade Center, we know how important it is to be skilled, representative and social. That our qualities we look for in ours shoe shiners.

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